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If You Love To Travel And Drink Gin, Here Is The Part Time Job You’ve Been Looking For

I’m a big believer in side jobs. Whether you are mid-career and looking to boost your savings, or a retiree who wants to stay engaged and pick up some extra scratch, a second job can be a great answer. I think it’s best to pick up those extra hours at a job related to your interests or passions.

If you are passionate about gin, I have the perfect opportunity for you. ILoveGin, a British company that is sorta like the Book of the Month Club for gin, is hiring a “gintern” to travel around Europe exploring and sampling new gins, gin cocktails and gin-related products, like tonic water and other mixers. As part of the gig, the gintern will tour distilleries and attend product debut parties across Britain and the continent. He or she will share their experiences and insight on the ILoveGin blog.

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While you might be willing to do that job for free, this gig actually pays. The gintern will receive a salary up to $26,000. It’s not a ton, but you only have to work two days per week. And when not traveling, the gintern is free to write from home.

I LoveGin is looking for a “MASSIVE gin lover,” who is engaging, outgoing and a proficient writer. Oh, yeah – you must be at least 18 and live in the UK. Still interested? Applications will be accepted until September 16th.

I suspect you’ll have a lot of competition. But probably not as much as you would for a bourbon-tern. I’ll be applying for that one.

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