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If You Own Any Of These 7 Beanie Babies, It Could Be Time To Retire

There are many ways to invest for your future – stocks, bonds, real estate and gold, just for openers. Collectibles such as fine art, rare coins and automobiles also have a place in the investment quiver.

But for pure rate of return, all these things pale next to one thing: Beanie Babies.

Certain Beanie Babies, including the seven listed below, are selling for crazy prices. In 2015, a couple reportedly bought a Beanie Baby at a yard sale for $12. It turned out to be one of just 100 Princess Diana Bears. These lucky pickers resold the bear for $25,000. So, scour your attic, basement, closets, crawlspace, and eBay for any of these Lucky Seven. Find an eager buyer and you could be in for a delightful windfall.

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Claude the Crab – This tie-dyed crustacean, which debuted in May of 1997, is listed for $10,000 on eBay. Claude provides a nice reminder that there are lots of counterfeit beanbag animals lurking on the web. A true Claude has a ® above the ™ on its tush tag and a space before the exclamation point on the swing tag.

Coral Casino Beanie Baby – Beanie Baby experts believe just 588 of these bears were produced. Each one is numbered and signed on the swing tag by Beanie Baby creator Ty Warner. A Coral Casino recently sold on eBay for $760.

Peace – This colorful bear is hugely valuable to collectors because no two are exactly alike. The 50 known differences in filling types, tags, and countries of origin add to this Beanies’ desirability and value. Peace Beanies have sold for as much as $30,000.

Humphrey – Humphrey the camel was the first Beanie Baby to be retired. That’s probably why it’s among the most frequently counterfeited Beanies. To verify authenticity, look for a black and white label dated 1993. Also, real Humphreys have no pellets in their legs.

Millennium the Bear – No, the cute magenta bear doesn’t live with its parents or have tattoos. Millennium was released in January of 1999 to mark the looming new century. As is often the case with collectibles, this Beanie is especially valuable because of mistakes. “Millennium” is misspelled in various combinations of the tush tag and swing label. The result: Millenniums can sell for up to $5,000.

Employee Beanie Baby – Employees of Ty Inc. were given this exclusive Beanie in 1997. Today it sells for as much as $1600. Authentic Employee Beanie Babies, feature a circa 1993 or 1995 red and white label.

Peanut – This adorable pachyderm debuted in 1995 and came in two colors:  light blue and royal blue. Peanut is a frequent victim of counterfeiting. The royal blue phonies often have a black and white label instead of the authentic red and white. True Peanuts also have a Copyright 1995 on their label. Any other year means you have a fake elephant on your hands. If your Peanut is real, it could be worth as much as $395.

Please note: We are simply reporting this information. We are not collectors and have no further information on where you can sell these.

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