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It’s Official, Splenda Is Bad For You

The artificial sweetener sucralose is sold under the name Splenda.  Maybe they should change it to Sweet Evil.

Sucralose may cause leukemia and other blood cancers, according to new research in which mice fed the sweetener on a daily basis developed such conditions.  While there are questions, as always, about the validity of the results, the watchdog Center for Science in the Public Interest cited the study in a call for consumers to completely avoid sucralose.

Critics of the research point out that the mice were dosed with the equivalent of 10 diet sodas per day.   But CSPI scientists counter that sucralose is used in many foods and beverages that may be consumed across the day.  And, CSPI adds, things that cause cancer in large doses typically do the same in small amounts.

Cancer isn’t the only potential threat posed by fake sugars.  There is mounting evidence that artificial sweeteners actually make it harder to lose weight by messing with blood sugar and insulin levels.

It’s probably time to reconsider what you’re putting in that cup of morning joe or tea.  If regular sugar is a no-go, consider Stevia, an artificial substitute still deemed safe, or alternative natural sweeteners such as honey, agave or coconut sugar.

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