Larry The Cable Guy Airs His Feelings About Politics, Our Country And Donald Trump

This year’s election result has everyone talking, including comedians. But putting aside satire and Saturday Night Live skits, some comedians are getting serious about their views. One comedian in particular, known for his tell-it-like-it-is approach from everything to what it means to be a Southerner to what it means to be an American, recently spoke up.

Larry the Cable Guy gave an interview last month before his appearance at the Charlie Daniels’ 80th Birthday Volunteer Jam, and was nothing less than frank about his opinions about the election result. The comedian took the interview opportunity as a time to let loose his feelings about politics, our country and Donald Trump.

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His support of President Elect Donald Trump is not new, and Larry has never been quiet about how he feels about Trump. In another recent interview, Larry described Trump as someone who is shoving a knife into political correctness. Not one to parse words, after all.

In his interview before the Volunteer Jam, Larry touted the President Elect as someone who will do a great job as president because he will run the country like a business. Larry took a moment to send a message to Trump naysayers, saying that now is the time to focus on our country. Larry let interviewers know that he believes Donald Trump really wants to do good and asks that we all give him a chance to do so.

Watch the interview here.

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