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London’s Naked Restaurant


So, organic farm-to-table dining has become ho-hum?  Looking for the new, new thing in artisan eating?  Head to London this summer and check out Bunyadi, a pop-up restaurant offering what the owners call a 100% pure natural experience.  No food additives, no electric lights, no gas stoves, no cell phones — and no clothes.

While Bunyadi is billed as “the first naked restaurant,” patrons aren’t required to eat in the buff.  The eatery will have two separate sections, “pure” and “clothed.”  Those who elect to feast in their birthday suits will strip down in a locker room, where they will leave both their attire and cell phones.  No photography, please, for obvious reasons.

All customers, including the naked foodies, will sit on wooden chairs.  Hopefully the restaurant has a large budget for sanitizing wipes.

Bunyadi, which seats just 42, is the brainchild of Lollipop, a company that specializes in “creative experiences.”  Their last concept was ABQ, a cocktail lounge based on the hit TV show about a chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin.  It was a smash hit.  Bunyadi also seems headed for success.  It already has 11,000 reservations booked.   That’s a lot of pasty white British bottoms in line ahead of you.  Better make your reservation today.

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