World Traveler Finds A Way To Assure His Worried Mother

A Belgian man who recently chucked it all to wander the globe has learned there’s one responsibility you can’t dodge – letting Mom know you are OK.

Jonathan Quinonez, 27, quit his consulting job in Brussels and sold his car to travel the world. His first stop was Cuba, which he wanted to see before modernization takes hold. Quinonez wanted to share his adventures with friends and family, including his mother. But Cuba’s limited (and government controlled) internet access made that difficult and expensive. Phone calls were expensive and hard to schedule because of the time difference with Europe.

Trinidad – Cuba with @davidb00t #MomIAmFine #cuba #trinidad #travel

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Quinonez’s solution: An Instagram account called “Mom, I’m fine” featuring a steady stream of pictures of the world traveler in funny, upbeat and sometimes apparently scary situations holding a sign that read, yep, “Mom, I’m fine.” Among the pics are shots of Quinonez salsa dancing, mugging with an alligator, skydiving, and scuba diving on a shipwreck.

Time to run #MomImFine #travel #Mexico

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From the bottom of the ocean #diving #scubadiving #travel #travelgram #momimfine #panama #adventure #boat #wreck

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He says the idea is to both reassure his mom and show her that the world is a beautiful place.

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While he hopes to see the entire world, Quinonez only has enough money to travel South America through the end of summer. He’s hoping to find a sponsor to fund his journey, which he believes sends a positive message and encourages people to travel.

If that doesn’t work out, at least his mom will have a chance to see for herself that her boy is, indeed, fine.

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