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Michelangelo’s Tuscan villa could be yours for $8.4 million

Michelangelo Buonarroti is one of the most renowned and beloved artists of the High Renaissance movement. Perhaps best known for painting the ceilings of the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo also created masterpieces in sculpture, architecture, and poetry.

So, listen up, art lovers. A piece of this master’s creative history is currently up for grabs – his old Tuscan villa.

The deed to Michelangelo’s old home could be yours for a cool $8.4 million. The 13,000 square foot La Torre de Michelangelo was originally built as a fortification. Michelangelo purchased the property in 1549, three years after the Pope appointed him architect for St. Peter’s Basilica. The Tuscan villa, located just 35 miles southwest of Florence, boasts a three-structure complex, complete with Renaissance-age fixtures, functional wood-burning fireplaces, and an olive grove.

Although the Buonarroti family remained in the villa until 1867, a number of Italian families have resided in it since then. Its present owner, the Busoni family, has lived there since 1973. The family has placed the property on the market primarily because they are aging, and the vast villa is difficult to maintain.

Take a look at the pictures below and you’ll see why. The sprawling main residential building houses eight bedrooms and seven full baths across four floors and a basement. Although the villa underwent renovations two decades ago, much of the architecture is original and dates to the Renaissance. The villa interiors are what one would expect of a Tuscan country home; all floors are wooden and brick masonry abounds. Sprawling gardens feature an original Renaissance-era well, an oil mill that stood during Michelangelo’s residence, and over 200 olive trees.

villa 8

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villa 1

The Busoni family is seeking a new owner who understands and will respect the history of the property. (The family is even offering the original deed, which identifies Michelangelo as a “dear sculptor and Florentine citizen.”) No ultra-modern rehabs for this historic relic. The Italian Ministry has deemed the property a historic home, making it practically impossible to change the outside layout.

But there’s no requirement to maintain the villa as a strictly residential house, and there are no restrictions on visitor frequency, either. So if $8.4 million is a little outside your budget, keep an eye on this property on the Internet. A new owner might give folks a chance to glimpse this jewel by converting space into a bed and breakfast or Airbnb.

With all that the villa has to offer, it’s curious that no one has jumped on this opportunity yet. After all, if you can afford it, $8 million dollars seems like a steal for such a unique slice of history. Not only would you get to live like a Renaissance master, you’d own bragging rights to owning the former home of one of the world’s most renowned artists. I call that a deal.

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