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Millennials Can Get All The Advantages Of Socialist Policies With This Program

Bernie Sanders may be out of the Presidential race, but his millennial supporters shouldn’t despair. They can still take advantage of many of the socialist policies championed by the Senator from Vermont, courtesy of an existing federal government program. In fact, 1.3 million Americans are already enrolled in this generous program, 75% of whom are millennials.

Among the benefits enjoyed by participants:

Competitive pay consisting of a base salary plus tax-free allowances for housing, clothing, gas and work-related moves.

Free single-payer health care. Pre-existing conditions are covered and most prescription drugs are free.

Thirty days of paid vacation per year plus 10 federal holidays.

Free college tuition.

Free vocational training. Pick a trade or specialty and you’ll get world-class training. There are literally hundreds of career choices, ranging from aviation to construction to computers, electronics and foreign languages.

Lifetime pension. After 20 years, a participant can leave the program and receive 50% of their final salary for life – along with significant health care benefits.

Pay equality. Men and women who do the same job with the same experience are paid exactly the same. Pay rates are set by policy, not by bosses.

Racial equality. The program’s many minority participants are treated equally and often rise to senior positions in the program, including the top job.

Now, like any employment situation, there are downsides to this program. The work can be dangerous, often requires long separations from family, and can be physically rigorous. But everything in life is a trade-off, right? If these benefits appeal to you, head on over to your local U.S. Military recruiting station. They’ll be happy to fill you in on the details of the program.

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While The Wall Street Journal played this piece mostly for fun, it does provide something for young people to consider. The military experience isn’t for everyone. But for those with the right mentality, it offers a wealth of opportunities to grow professionally and start building for the future. And, let’s be honest, not every job in the service will put you in harm’s way.

I have financial planning clients in their early 40’s who joined the military after high school, served 20 years and now collect very substantial pensions. That income affords them a huge amount of freedom to decide what’s next in their lives.

So, give the armed forces some thought. It can be a great chance to do well by doing good.

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