Millennials Are Substituting Grand-Kids For Grand-Puppies

Once you hit your mid-twenties, no matter if you’re married, dating seriously, or not dating at all, here comes the ultimate parent question: “So, when are you going to settle down and start a family?” Read as, “Hurry up and give us some grand-kids.”

Well, the times, they are a changin’. It’s not that parents have taken their foot off the family growing accelerator. Instead, millennials have come up with an adorable bait-and-switch. They’re substituting “grand-puppies” for grandbabies. This phenomenon is so real that this newest multi-generational term, “grand-puppy,” is sweeping the web.

So why are millennials opting for four-legged children? It’s because most members of this generation are choosing to wait later and later to start families. And even though they’re not having kids just yet, millennials aren’t completely skipping out on settling down – they’re just doing it with fur-babies instead of human babies.

According to recent research, millennials are significantly more likely to own a dog than the general population. In fact, 75 percent of Americans in their thirties are proud pup mommies and daddies, versus just 50 percent of all Americans. And these grand-puppies are spending quality time with grandma and grandpa – from play dates during work hours to weekend stays for some serious spoiling.

Very few things in life are more adorable than puppies. But let’s face it, grand-pups are no replacement for the real thing. While they may make for cute Instagram pics and give parents a warm (fur) body to snuggle, they’re a far yip from actual grandkids.

adorable puppies

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