Moms Stress About Flying With Their Babies Until They Hear This

Is there anything worse than sitting near a crying baby on an airplane?  Yes.  Being the parent of that crying baby.  Those moms and dads suffer not just the screaming, but often dirty looks and nasty comments from fellow passengers.  As the father of four young boys, I’ve been there.

Jet Blue recently did something cool to raise empathy for us parents.  Passengers on a flight from New York City to Long Beach, California were told they would get a 25% discount on their next ticket purchase every time a baby cried during the flight.  Four tantrums would mean a free flight.

A Jet Blue Video of the flight opens with several moms talking about the stresses and pressures of flying with an infant.  As the mothers board, they endure pained looks from passengers praying the kid isn’t seated in their row.  But when the discount is announced, everything changes – passengers cheer every time a little one fusses!

Sure, it was a marketing stunt.  And, yes, the passengers’ attitude changed because they were being rewarded.  Still, I love the message, especially coming in the week before Mothers Day.

On behalf of parents everywhere, Kudos, Jet Blue!

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