New Oreo Chocolate Bars Have Hit The Candy Aisle

Oreo’s may be the most versatile cookie on the grocery store shelf, making appearances in pie crusts, cakes, frostings, and even ice cream, Oreo cookies seem to have the monopoly on dressing up homemade desserts. Simply standing alone with a nice glass of milk, these cookies are sure to make kids and kids-at-heart alike smile.

While traditional Oreo cookies are a consumer favorite, the company continually turns out new takes on the original. Think about recent tweaks to the ubiquitous sandwich cookie – flavors like banana slit, candy cane and marshmallow crispy. Some flavors may have been a bigger hit than others (Swedish Fish flavored Oreos? Ugh.), but a new release from House Oreo has even purists salivating.

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Partnering with German chocolate company Milka, Oreo is in the process of unleashing its new Big Crunch Bars in US stores now.  The bars come in two varieties: a “regular” version that consists of a milk chocolate bar filled with vanilla creme and chunks of the cookie, and the Big Crunch Bar.  This large-scale version of the regular treat weighs in at a hefty 10.5oz (or three times the size of a regular bar) and contains an entire layer of Oreo cookies inside. Decadence, anyone?

The new chocolate covered Oreo treats debut this month, just in time to break more than a few New Year’s Resolutions.

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