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This New Trendy Take On Garden Decor Is Starting To Replace The White Picket Fence

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An old saying goes that good fences make good neighbors. But how about adding some pop to your privacy? Try upping your garden game by going beyond the traditional white picket or natural wood look. The trendy new take on garden fences – painting them black.

Dark, dramatic interiors have been all the rage in the past few years. Now outdoor areas are following suit. Particularly, black fences in garden spaces seem to be enjoying a special moment in the spotlight.

Sure, it seems counterintuitive that dark surroundings would mesh in a sun-filled garden. Most décor traditionalists would balk at the idea of inviting this dark color into such a vibrant space. But home stylists and garden gurus alike point to the aesthetic effects of black hues.

Think about it – darker shades accentuate color contrast. Outside, the dark contrast highlights plant structures, whether of small shrubs or taller trees. Your outdoor property boundaries disappear – darker fences visually recede, reading more like the shadow cast by a tree than a man-made barrier. Along with giving your garden a contemporary edge, dark-hued fences make your outdoor space feel bigger. And black is far less glaring than white, making it a more effective color for subtle privacy and screening.

The bottom line is that bright, sunlit outdoor spaces can handle the darkness. Black fencing can provide an impressive backdrop from bright spring greens to wintry golds as seasons shift. Exterior designers are urging folks to embrace these moody surroundings, and absorb all the drama.

If you’re like me, you’re curious but still skeptical. After all, this is a huge shift from traditional garden design. My wife and I are in the process now of making decisions about our new outdoor décor. We were thinking we would go with white picket fences. But now, I’m not so sure. I may just take a cue from The Rolling Stones, grab a paintbrush and paint it black.

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