Newborn babies named Romeo and Juliet were born just hours apart in a hospital in South Carolina

Last week, two “star-crossed” babies were born in a South Carolina hospital, just hours apart. The little girl was named Juliet, and the little boy was named, you guessed it, Romeo. Harkening back to the timeless tale of love at first sight, this coincidence is a case of love at first breath.

Parents Morgan and Edwin Hernandez welcomed their baby boy Romeo into the world on March 19 at Coastal Carolina Hospital. Eighteen hours later, Christiana and Allen Shifflett welcomed baby girl Juliet, right down the hall. The two sets of parents picked the names early in their pregnancies, and neither couple knew each other beforehand.

Both mothers were originally scheduled to be induced. But as fate would have it, they both came early to deliver. And it just so happened that the babies were born in rooms next to one another.

The parents learned about the unlikely coincidence from Coastal Carolina Hospital’s resident photographer. While she was setting up for a newborn shoot of Romeo, something clicked for the photographer. She ran down the hall and grabbed the records chart to double check another patient’s name, and realized her hunch was right – the hospital had a newborn Juliet to go along with baby Romeo.

After realizing the chance birth of matching Bard babies, the photographer went back to the Hernandez’s room to share the news. She asked if they would consider allowing baby Romeo to be photographed with Juliet, as long as the baby girl’s parents agreed. Both sets of parents said yes, and a hospital photo and Shakespearean themed shoot followed.

shakespeare photo 1 shakespeare photo 2

Take a look at the adorable photos of little Romeo and Juliet. The babies loved being cuddled up, and they even held hands. It seems the two already share a close bond, just like their namesakes.

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