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Nissan created a new concept car specifically for pet owners

Ask any dog-lover, and hands down they’ll agree that man’s best friends are part of the family. Americans love spending time with their pups, whether at home, out for a walk, or traveling to and fro in the family car. Nissan recently keyed in on this basic truth and unveiled a nifty new car model with our four-legged friends in mind – the X-Trail 4Dogs concept.

This new crossover concept is the ultimate dog-friendly ride. For starters, your pup will ride in comfort inside a cargo area that provides a bespoke travel space. It’s plush and quilted to provide Fido with ultimate in ride comfort. From the back, a small ramp extends to allow dogs of all ages and sizes to easily take their seat.

Inside, the cargo area features a smart treat dispenser and spill-proof water bowl. As added safety during your trip, there’s also a special clip for harnesses. Want to check in with Fido on the trip? Nissan has included innovative “dog-cam” technology, which allows both owner and dog to see each other via a dashboard display and a cargo screen. You can even calm your pup with your voice by using a connected audio link.

If a walk in the park turns muddy, the X-Trail 4Dogs has you covered. Under the floor of the cargo area are two pullout drawers with a mini dog-grooming kit inside. A 360° doggy shower wraps around you pup for a quick wash without getting you wet. After the bath, pull out the built-in blow-dryer nozzle for an easy dry. Once Fido is primped, there’s a directional dryer vent that blows into the cargo compartment to keep him toasty.

Nissan has really hit the mark – the X-Trail 4Dogs comes with everything Fido and family could ever need when they’re on the go. Take a look at the video and see for yourself. Your four-legged friends will thank you.

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