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Not Happy With The Election Results? Here Are 5 Of The Best Places To Run Away

At last count, some 23 American celebrities have said publicly that they will leave the country if their choice for President doesn’t win. They are probably joking, as are your neighbors who make similar comments. But if you’re serious about running away if things don’t go your way on Election Day, consider heading south of the border.

Here are five places to ride out the next four (or eight) years in comfort at very reasonable cost.


Mexico – Our southern next door neighbor offers ex-pats many of the amenities of American life – cable tv, wifi, modern home appliances – at a fraction of what we pay here in the U.S. This is particularly true now, with the peso deflated against the dollar.

You can build your new life on the edge of a rain forest, in the mountains, or, as most Americans choose, along side white sand beaches. Very comfortable two-bedroom apartments run about $575 per month in the gorgeous coastal town of Puerto Villarta.

If you get homesick or just need a break from your Mexican paradise, you are just a quick flight away from the US of A.


Costa Rica — This Central American country has been a popular destination for decades with Americans seeking to relocate or buy a vacation home. Its diverse landscape includes mountains, rain forests and 800 miles of Caribbean and Pacific beaches. The central valley, home to the capital city of San Jose, is increasingly popular with visitors and ex-pats. Anyone who has traveled to Costa Rica will tell you, the residents are incredibly friendly and welcoming.


Ecuador – Now this is a true hide-out. Most of the ex-pats who chose this rugged, diverse country are looking to blend in with the local community and culture. Ecuador’s diverse terrain encompasses the Andes Mountains, the Amazon Basin and almost 1,000 miles of seacoast. Life is affordable and the government minds its own business.


Panama — Affordability, top-notch healthcare and modern infrastructure have made Panama popular with U.S. retirees. While the capital, Panama City, is most popular with relocated Americans, the countryside and coastal regions offer great scenery, temperate climates and a cost of living that can often be met on a couple’s Social Security income.


Columbia —  There’s a good chance your image of Columbia is outdated. The country has put the drug trade-fueled craziness behind it. Today’s Columbia is a modern up-and-coming place where you’ll find the technology and services you’ve come to expect in the U.S.

Many parts of Columbia, including Medellin, the country’s second largest city, have a year-round spring-like climate with temperatures ranging from 60 to 80 degrees. There are endless sites to see, both natural and historic. The Columbian people are warm and welcoming.

The capper: Life in Columbia is incredibly affordable. A couple can live comfortably in this South American paradise for $1,500 a month.

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So, there you have it. Five options if you decide to make good on your promise to ditch America. Personally, I think we should all stay here and keep advocating for our vision of America. But, if you decide to take off, please say hi for me to Jon Stewart and Bryan Cranston when you see them walking the beach.

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