Olympic Judges Gave This Swimmer A Second Chance To Compete After Being Disqualified

Miguel Duran Navia’s Olympic dream almost ended before it even started on Sunday when he had a false start during the men’s 400-meter freestyle.

When you make a false start in swimming, you’re immediately disqualified from the race.

The false start happened during a heat to determine who would be swimming in the final 400m race. While he was waiting for the gun to signal the start of the race, Navia slipped forward into the pool. He immediately realized what he’d done and appeared to be in tears when he got out of the water.

The judges, however, allowed Navia to be called back to the starting blocks and remain in the race.

Navia ended up finishing seventh in the heat and didn’t make it to the final race but at least the 20-year-old got to compete.

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