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How One Couple Built A Floating Tiny Houseboat

Tiny houses are all the rage, so tiny houseboats were probably inevitable.

One such diminutive aqua domicile belongs to Anya Khalo and her husband, Justin Hershoran. The couple lives in a 500-square-foot floating house on Lake Fontana, deep in North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains.

Khalo and Hershoran designed and built their house, which rides on 16 foam floats, each of which can carry 2,200 lbs of weight. Functionality was the top priority in crafting the plan. The windows are all sliding doors to increase airflow and light. Electricity is provided by solar panels and two golf cart batteries. That’s enough to run a fridge, 15 lights, a water pump, underwater fishing lights, and outlets to charge a laptop, iPhones and other devices. The couple uses propane to cook and heat their home.

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While I admire Anya and Justin for following their dream, I don’t know if could live such a simple life. Not only is the house small, the location is extremely remote. Lake Fontana is truly hidden in the Great Smokies. I had a client once who owned a home on the lake, which she treasured for its isolation. I don’t think she needs to worry about a fleet of tiny houseboats appearing in her refuge!

Think a little water-house might be for you? See more pictures here.

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