Forget ‘Pokémon Go’, You Won’t Believe The Hilarious Adult Version This Mom Created

Now here’s a game we can relate to.

As the world obsesses over the latest augmented reality “Pokémon Go” game, comedian, Dena Blizzard, put her own spin on the craze. This mom created Chardonnay Go, an “app” for adults to find glasses of wine in their neighborhood. In the video, Blizzard runs through her neighborhood while using her phone to locate the glasses of wine the same as you would for the augmented reality Pokémon game.

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Blizzard stops at nothing to catch ’em all. She breaks into a neighbors house, knocks over a fellow player, and has a friend drive her through the streets just so she is able to find every glass. “Free Chardonnay for mom’s everywhere” Blizzard shouts as she scrambles to be the first to find the hidden drinks.

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Watch the video above to see this hilarious and creative parody of “Pokémon Go.”

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