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These Popular Alternatives To Bug Repellent Don’t Actually Work

Is there anything better than reading a report that confirms your deepest suspicions?

Better than discovering research that validates your tendency to arch your eyebrow or outright scoff at some piece of conventional wisdom?

I had exactly that experience when I read a report that confirmed something I’ve always known. Citronella candles are useless. And so are many popular alternatives to bug repellent, according to Consumer Reports.

How lame are citronella candles? CR’s researchers found that an oscillating fan running on high is far more effective than smelly wax in keeping flying pests off your body and picnic table.

Another chronic underperformer is all-natural plant-based repellents, which typically last less than an hour.

But even some chemical-loaded gadgets and gimmicks fared poorly in CRs tests. Those clip-on fans that are supposed to envelop you in bug-chasing mist are far less effective than traditional sprays and lotions. Oh, and they may be more dangerous to humans than insects. And anti-bug wristbands? Pretty much worthless against mosquitos and their fellow travelers.

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What’s the best way to stay bite free? The Center for Disease Control recommends products that contain 15%-30% DEET or 20% Picaridan or 30% oil of lemon eucalyptus.

There’s a lot more summer to enjoy. So, slather and/or spray the family and get out there and enjoy. The bugs will all be over at your neighbors’ patio swarming around the citronella candles.

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