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Put up a beautiful prefab glass home in 8 hours for this unbelieveably affordable price

Looking for a country home? Forget about buying an existing place, or hiring a builder. With the new prefab houses from Estonian company ÖÖD, you can create a beautiful retreat quickly and cheaply.

And we’re talking easy on the eyes and easy on your wallet. These gorgeous prefab houses feature mirrored facades covering more than half of the outside construction. In natural landscapes, this design makes the homes especially sleek. The effect the mirrored exterior has is that you can soak up the environment just by looking at your new house.

At $36,000, these prefab homes are incredibly affordable. Got an open day on your calendar? You can build your new retreat in a mere eight hours. Not a bad deal for a brand new nature habitat for you and your loved ones.

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While you may be roughing it outside on your adventures, when you step inside your ÖÖD house, you’ll have all the creature comforts you could ask for. These modern dwellings feature amenities on par with a standard studio apartment; custom beds, bathrooms, and kitchenettes come standard. Measuring at only 200 square-feet, there’s a lot of luxury packed into every square inch.

Each house is constructed with steel, insulated glass and thermally treated wood, and perks include heated floors, “Plug N’ Play” connections, LED lighting and a Bose sound system. Right now, the houses need to have access to water, sewage, and electricity supplies, but ÖÖD is underway in developing off-grid capabilities.

The ÖÖD house was born during the Airbnb boom when they were touted as perfect for small-scale rentals. But the tiny houses can serve so many more purposes. They can be a perfect nature getaway, a tiny home, or a relaxing space for anywhere else you may find to set one up.

Photos via Inhabitat

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