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Travel To Cuba For Only $99 With This Airline

Your list of excuses for not visiting Cuba continues to shrink.

On August 31, JetBlue will become the first U.S airline to provide regular service to Cuba, jumping in ahead of competitors American Airlines and Silver Airways. The round-trip fare is just $210, which includes Cuban taxes and the Caribbean country’s mandatory visitor insurance policy premium. That’s the lowest announced fare to the newly opened island.

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JetBlue will start daily flights in October, flying an intermittent schedule through September.

If Cuba is on your bucket list, do some homework before you book a flight to Old Havana. Visiting the long-isolated, impoverished nation remains challenging. Accommodations are scarce and, in some cases, crazy expensive. Credit cards are mostly useless, and there are still regulations on where foreigners can visit and how they may interact with the Cuban people.

Travel experts recommend working with one of the group tourism companies that have experience in Cuba. Another idea to beat the hotel crunch and keep costs down: Consider taking a cruise. Carnival’s Fathom line is among those that sail to Cuba, making stops in Havana and elsewhere.

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