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Samsung Recalls Washing Machines Due To Recent Explosions

If you are planning to fly anytime soon, be sure to leave your Samsung washing machine at home. That’s right – washing machine.

The FAA last month banned Samsung’s Galaxy 7 Note smartphone from airliners because it has a tendency to burst into flames. Now the South Korean conglomerate is recalling 3 million washing machines because they can explode.

Well, they don’t really explode. But the lid can fly off at terrifying speed when the flawed machine is in the spin cycle. This tends to happen when comforters or other bulky items are washed on the high-speed setting. The washer drum apparently goes off kilter and vibrates so hard that it launches the lid like a rocket. There have been 733 reports of excessive vibration or lid-throwing. Nine people claim to have been injured by the machines, including reports of a broken jaw and a broken arm.

You won’t be surprised to hear that the company is already facing a $3 million class-action lawsuit over the volatile appliance. A Texas woman claimed in a court filing that her lid came off with enough velocity to penetrate her garage wall.



Samsung is offering free in-home repair of the deadly device with a one-year warranty extension. Owners who still can’t sleep at night with this metal monster in their homes can get a refund to buy a new washer from the company of their choice.

If you own a Samsung washer you might want to do a bit of research. The recall covers 34 (!) different models. In the meantime, maybe wear a safety helmet in the laundry room.

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