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Science Just Proved Something We All Knew, Cheese Makes Wine Taste Better

Who doesn’t like to unwind at the end of the week with a glass (or two) of their favorite wine? While science has said that a glass of red in the evening could have healthy heart benefits, a new study from France focuses on what you’re pairing your wine with. According to the Centre for Taste and Feeding Behavior in Dijon, eating cheese with wine makes wine taste better.

The Centre got together a group of thirty-one expert tasters who were familiar with the two white and two red wines in the study. These lucky tasters were first asked to sample the wine without accompaniment, and then with four well-known French cheeses. They let their mouths do the talking, and most of the time, the experts said the wine tasted better with the cheese.

Some of the experts reported that the cheese brought out the fruitiness and bouquet of the wine. Others reported that the cheese helped to dampen the mouth-drying impact of the tannins. This point makes scientific sense, because the fat from the dairy helps to lubricate your tongue after wine tannins from a sip leave your tongue dry. Another important note – even if the cheese didn’t elevate the wine for some experts, no one said cheese pairing took away any taste of the wine.

The take home: whether you go for Pinot Gris or Pinot Noir, the next time you raise your glass, try a little Camembert or Gruyère with your toast. Your palate will be glad you did.

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