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Scientists Found That Some Beards Contain The Same Amount Of Bacteria As Toilets

Would you rather kiss a man with a beard or lick a toilet seat? While the answer may seem obvious, new science suggests that the result of either choice could be the same – exposure to germs found in feces.

Grossed out? So were the scientists when they swabbed beards of a group of men and analyzed what exactly was hanging out in the facial hair — same kind of bacteria that you find in feces. Simply put, some men are wearing poop on their faces.

No surprise then that researchers are concerned about the health risks associated with dirty beards. While some of the beards tested had a normal amount of bacteria, others had enough to cause serious illness. The consensus is that bacteria are transferred to facial hair when men touch their beards with dirty hands.

To prevent the spread of nasty germs, experts in this sort of thing advise men with beards to wash their hands regularly and scrub their beard in the shower. Because whiskers are a different type of hair – beard hair is bristly and traps germs more strongly than other types of hair – good hygiene is a must to keep the beard bacteria count low.

Love your beard or your man’s beard? Fear not. Leaning in for a kiss doesn’t have to be risky business. Just invest in some beard shampoo, lather up often, and watch those dirty bacteria go down the drain.

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