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Seedless Avocados Now Exist In Select Markets

American scientists and educators have long worried that the US is losing its technological edge. The latest case in point: we’ve fallen behind Spain in the avocado race.

Spanish horticulturalists have developed a seedless avocado. The innovative treat is grown from an unpollinated avocado blossom.

The re-engineered fruit is tasty, creamy and safer to prepare than traditional avocados. Safer? Yes. So many people slice themselves while cutting around avocado pits that doctors have given the injury a name: avocado hand.

In another innovation, the smooth skin of the seedless avocado is edible. They are reportedly delicious fried. Or you can just pick one up and take a bite, as you would with a pickle.

Well, you can’t do that – not yet, at least. Not if you’re an American. The seedless avocados are currently available only in select Paris food markets and one U.K. grocery chain, which markets them as “cocktail avocados.” What’s more, seedless avocados are only in season one month a year: December. Despite their rarity, the avocados are surprisingly affordable at about $2.50 a piece.

All of the above should further encourage us to make our kids study more math and science. We put a man on the moon, for goodness sake. Surely, we can be the first to come up with a skinless potato.

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