They set up 100 dancers in a park and put a platform in front of them. What happens next is AWESOME

Improv Everywhere is a New York City-based comedy collective that stages unexpected performances in public places.

Their latest mission included a mob of 100 dancers who were recruited off of their email list. The team set up a 2-foot tall platform in Bryant Park with a sign reading “Dance Captain Wanted.” When random people stepped up to the platoform the mob of dancers copied their every move.

Watch this cool video to see how it all went down.

From Improv Everywhere’s website:
“I’ve had this idea in my head for about 5 years, and it was really fun to finally realize it.
Lately I’ve been particularly excited by concepts that allow random people on the street to take center stage. In many ways, this project is a sequel to our 2013 mission Conduct Us, where we gave random New Yorkers the chance to conduct a world class orchestra. Although one big difference is that while almost no one knows how to conduct, lots of people have great dance moves in their back pocket.”


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