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Stevie Nicks Performs “Landslide” On Her 65th Birthday And Sounds Better Than Ever

“It’s not how old you are, it’s how you are old.”

I love that saying.  I think it has a special resonance for me because I earn my living helping people achieve their post-career or “second act” dreams.  I’ve met thousands of retirees and near-retirees as a financial advisor, and studied the lives of the happiest retirees for my book, You Can Retire Earlier Than You Think.

And what have I learned?  Aging gracefully is all about attitude.  About continuing to pursue our passions and dreams while ignoring phony limitations that society (or our own minds) might attempt to impose on us.  You aren’t “too old” to do something until YOU decide in your heart of hearts that you are too old.

I was recently reminded of this while watching legendary rocker Stevie Nicks sing her signature song “Landslide” on her 65th birthday.  It’s amazing.  I don’t think this woman spends one minute getting misty for the glory days of the 1970’s.  I suspect she lives in the present, looking to the future.

Enjoy the show.


Photo credit: YouTube Channel (It’sallaboutthemusic)


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