Stranger Soothes Crying Baby To Sleep On The Plane So The Pregnant Mother Could Rest

We are in charge of absolutely everything in our lives. Don’t like your job? Talk to the boss, or get a new one. Unhappy with your weight? Get on a program and stick to it.

Don’t like how the grocery clerk treats you? Talk to her – and her boss.

Don’t like sitting next to a squirming, crying baby on an airplane? Offer to help the pregnant mom who is trying to calm the little one. That’s what one man did on a recent Southwest Airlines flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta.

Monica Nelson was traveling alone with her 20-month-old son when the boy grew fussy and fidgety. Nelson no doubt expected to get the stink eye from her fellow passengers. But instead, her seatmate, known only as Reid, offered to help out with the little one. Reid ended up walking the aisle for much of the flight, rocking the boy gently to soothe him and eventually get him to sleep. Reid told Monica he is a dad, and just wanted to help a fellow parent.

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Another passenger witnessed Read’s act of kindness and posted a picture and story on social media. It’s been shared nearly 100,000 times. Oh, by the way… Monica is black and Reid is white.

There is so much good in this story. I love Reid’s pro-active, generous offer to help – and Monica’s willingness to accept his assistance. This, I believe, is the real America. Important to remember that in this contentious political season.

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