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Study Shows Moderate Drinkers Have A Better Immunization Response To Vaccines Than Those Who Don’t Drink

Are you prepared for flu season? Have you been vaccinated? Have you had a cocktail or two?

Those who consume alcohol moderately in the weeks following a vaccination have a better immunization response than heavy drinkers, according to new research from the Oregon Health & Science University. No surprise there. But get this: moderate tipplers also had a better response to the shot than those who abstain from alcohol.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you should head straight from the doctor’s office to your favorite watering hole. Unless you’re a monkey. These very preliminary results are based on experiments on rhesus macaques, which have immune systems similar to humans.

Our immune systems are affected by numerous things, including diet, medication and stress. I’d be more excited about this news if macaques had a daily commute, two kids in college, and a nasty boss. The best takeaway from this research is that you can probably drink responsibly after getting a flu shot without diminishing the vaccine’s effectiveness.

That’s not exactly a cure for the common cold, but I’ll call it a win for science.

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