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8 Stunning Views From AirBnB’s Around The World

One of the joys of using the rental site AirBnB is the chance to get out of a typical hotel/motel room and stay in a truly unique space, often a beautiful home away from the commercial district. Some of these places have breathtaking views that are alone worth the rental fee.

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Here are eight stunning views from AirBnB’s around the world, courtesy of Travel & Leisure.

Lake Iseo, Italy – The water looks refreshing, but the best part of being poolside at this AirBnB apartment is the amazing views of the lake and mountains. If you get bored with those, the medieval village of Riva de Solto is right down the road.


Ecuador – The floor-to-ceiling windows bring the rain forest practically inside this modern two-bedroom home. Ecuador is a popular retirement destination for Americans. No wonder, with views like this!


Paris – One of my favorite cities. The AirBnB listing for this apartment talks about the charming details, like Portuguese kitchen tile and wood details. Who cares? This place has a panoramic view of the Eiffel Tower. Sold.


Lake Como – Another gorgeous Italian lake view from a newly renovated country house. The only way this picture would be prettier is if local resident George Clooney was in it. Ladies, am I right?


Auckland, New ZealandThis 1960’s vintage home sit right on the water and immerses guests in the sights and sounds of the nearby nature preserve and farms. Sailboats floating in and out of the harbor add to the sense of serenity.


Sydney, Australia – Two decks provide panoramic views of the Sydney skyline, highlighted by the instantly recognizable Sydney Opera House. This is the place to book for the city’s famous New Years Eve fireworks show.


Istanbul – You’ll feel like a character in an old spy movie as you survey the ancient city’s bustling cafes, bars and markets from this apartment’s wrap around balcony.


Oia, Greek Isles – Looking for a cave with a view? This is it. This house was carved into the cliffs more than 250 years ago, originally to serve as a wine cellar. No word on which owner added the private veranda with an amazing view of Santorini and Thirasia Island.


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