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10 Design Trends To Say Goodbye To In 2018

As the calendar turns to 2018, you may have the idea of “new” on your mind – like new financial goals, new health goals, and maybe, new décor goals. Whether you want to overhaul a dated home or simply give your space a little facelift, check out these top-ten design trends that are on their way out.

Of course, the topic of home design and décor is a highly subjective field. But if you look at trending topics on Pinterest and HGTV, you’ll no doubt find that, according to both experts and wanna-be experts, the styles below have run their course.

Some are more shocking than others. Before you make any major changes to your home, this list is worth a read.

1. Chevron Oh, chevron pattern. I thought we might see you here. For those unfamiliar with this hot design trend, it’s the basic zigzag pattern that uses two colors. After many seasons of popularity, it’s time to move on.

You would see chevron on everything from lampshades to bedding to wallpaper and wall paint. While experts agree it can look good in a kid’s bedroom, for adults, too often chevron looks cheap. If you can’t let go just yet, consider using more ornate styles, like herringbone chevron prints. Just use a light touch. Less is more with this pattern.

2. Tuscany Villa-esque Décor Our love for all things Tuscan runs deep. This trend has been around since 2005. Marked by deep golds and reds, travertine tile and bronze, it’s time to bid adieu to this scheme in 2018.

3. White-on-White-on-White Yes, white can make things seem clean and crisp. For bedding, this trend is still fine. But for the rest of the home, it’s time to add some color. Some shades that are rising in popularity are rich greens and browns. If you’re really adventurous, designers say to add a black accent wall in your home as a statement piece.

4. Rose Gold Apparently this hue has saturated the design market, thus diminishing its décor value. Plain and simple, it’s so popular that it just doesn’t feel special anymore.

5. Cement Tiles These have been used anywhere from laundry rooms to mudrooms to (gasp) backsplashes. Cement tiles were indeed the bee’s knees in design this year, generating buzz all over Pinterest and design magazines. But no more say experts.

The reasoning is prudent – they look great, but don’t withstand the test of time well (cement is known for its cracking) and they can create a frenetic look in small spaces. An added warning: cement is hard to rip out once it’s in place. But, if you still like this trend, design gurus suggest choosing a well-crafted design that’s built to last, and that you’ll be happy with for a long time.

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6. Tropical Prints It’s been the year of throw-backs to the 50s, with pink flamingos, philodendron leaves, and pineapples popping up in kitchens across America. But this permanent-vacation theme is over. Unless you live in a year-round warm weather climate, you should say farewell to this fun-in-the-sun trend.

7. Overstated Hood Fans With the rise of open-concept kitchens has come the desire to emphasize cabinetry, hardware and even the stove’s hood fan. This is going to be a no-no in 2018, say the experts. According to design enthusiasts, this trend never looked good, as fans aren’t design elements. They’re cooking tools, so, emphasizing them never really made sense.

8. Farmhouse Style Say it ain’t so! For the past few decades, this design trend has been hot. Now, experts are putting it out to pasture. According to some, the look feels too contrived and the execution too often went awry, with some folks covering walls with barn-yard-themed pieces that made their home look more like a steakhouse chain than a home.

9. Cacti (and more cacti) I must have been living under a rock this year. Was there really a trend of decorating everything with succulent-inspired prints? If so, I dodged that bullet. Design professionals agree that this trend was so widespread that it is now overdone and kitschy. Still, love cacti? Show your love with the real thing as houseplants or garden add-ons.

10. Open Floor Plans Honey, call the architect. It looks like open floor plans are now passé. This must be a joke, right? Honestly, what is there to hate about light, airy spaces? Nevertheless, designers will tell you that they are a thing of the past. Only 2018 will tell.

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