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This Tech Millionaire Sold Everything To Travel The World With His Family

If you were suddenly rich, what would you do with the money?

Travel the world? Help others?

How about help others while traveling the world?

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That’s exactly how Garrett Gee and his wife Jessica are spending their fortune. Garrett, 25, is a classic tech success story. He and two partners created a popular QR-scanning app that was bought by Snapchat in late 2014 for $54 million.

Not classic was Garrett and Jessica’s decision on how to enjoy their new freedom and wealth. The couple invested the profits from the acquisition and began traveling the world with their two young kids on just the $45,000 they made selling most of their possessions at a garage sale.

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As they travel through gorgeous tropical locations, the couple looks for ways to help others. They have paid the tuition of a college student who was nearly forced to drop out, volunteered at an orphanage and bought out the inventory of local artisans and given the goods away. The couple has also donated Lasik surgeries to folks who were on hard times.

While the couple has done much of their giving quietly, they document their adventures on social media and have received quite a bit of media attention. You can follow them on Instagram @thebucketlistfamily and their website.

The Gees say one day their altruistic travels will end and they will focus on larger scale philanthropy.

“We want to pay it forward,” says Garrett.

I think they’re already doing that.

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