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How Teen Sold $1 Newspapers To Pay For College

Every single Sunday for 5 straight years this young man sold newspapers on street corner in Memphis TN.  Rain or shine, hot or cold, he persisted.  From age 12 until age 17 nothing stopped him and his Sunday work has paid off.  He’s attending Tennessee State this coming fall and this newspaper money is going to pay for it.  At a very young age he learned the power of “staying away from negativity.”  The 17 year old Kevuntez King also has a motto: “Surround yourself with people that are trying to go up in life, not those trying to bring you down…push forward.”.

Stories like this remind us that no matter how difficult our circumstances are, and now matter what age we are, the right attitude can make all the difference.  This young man is going places…and college is one budget item that’s already accounted for.

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