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Tequila May Be The Weight Loss Secret We’ve All Been Waiting For

Have you heard about the new botanical-based weight loss serum? This amazing clear liquid comes from a cactus and is taken in shot-glass-size doses. It’s called… tequila.

That’s right. Tequila is the latest treat to move from science’s can-be-naughty list to the might-be-nice list. The potent liquor joins red wine, chocolate, coffee, peanut butter, nuts and eggs on that roster.

Sugars called agavins found in the agave plant can help lower blood sugar levels and potentially reduce obesity, according to the American Chemical Society. Tequila is made from the cactus-like agave.

Agavins’ health benefits stem from the fact they are non-digestible and act as a dietary fiber.

(Don’t confuse agavins with agave syrup, a trendy alternative to sugar. Agave syrup does not have the same potential health benefits as agavins.)

Researchers found that mice given a standard diet along with water containing added agavins ate less and had lower blood sugar levels than mice that weren’t given agavins.

The rodents consuming agavins also produced the hormone GLP-1, which keeps the stomach full longer and produces insulin. That finding could lead to advances in managing type 2 diabetes.

This is obviously great news. But more study is clearly needed. Meet me at that Mexican joint around the corner on Friday night and we’ll conduct our own research.

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