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The Top 10 Most Conservative Cities In America

In today’s divided country, it’s easy to grow weary of all the partisan bickering. Debates over the current political climate abound, and they don’t just happen at family gatherings. You may find yourself polarized from your neighbors or even your entire community. So why not consider living somewhere where folks share your views and beliefs?

If you couldn’t bear the thought of another Clinton in the White House, and if you want to “Make America Great Again,” check out the list below of the top-ten most conservative cities. In these locales, Republicans should feel right at home. Who knows? You and your neighbors may end up sharing more than coffee, sports talk, and tennis. There may be a place on this list for you where you also have community mindshare.

bullhead city

1. Bullhead City, AZ – Bullhead City lies about 90 miles south of Las Vegas. This gives conservatives enough distance from the sins of Sin City. Sixty-five percent of voters in Bullhead City are registered Republicans. Compared to national numbers, this city’s Republicans lean further to the right on most political issues. No Democratic candidate has carried the county in the last 40 years, except a narrow win by Bill Clinton in 1996.


2. Enid, OK Over the years, the town of Enid has grown more diverse. Between 2000 and 2010, the Latino population doubled, from nearly 5 percent of the total population to more than 10 percent. With more than 60 percent of voters registered as Republicans, Enid is a conservative stronghold. It’s part of the town’s history – voters have been casting more ballots for Republican candidates for president since 1968.


3. Alabaster, AL – A relatively small suburb of Birmingham, Alabaster is big on wealth – the median income for a family is $78,940. Only 4.3 percent of families fall below the poverty line. This city is also big on religion. Compared to the 48 percent nationwide average, 84 percent of residents are affiliated with a religion. In the past three presidential elections, votes for the Republican candidates outnumbered Democratic votes two to one in Alabaster. In fact, the city has voted Republican in every presidential contest since 1980, and a striking 75 percent of Alabaster’s registered voters identify themselves as Republicans.

asheboro nc

4. Asheboro, NCLocated in the Piedmont plateau region of North Carolina, Asheboro is a hub for manufacturing and distribution. A good number of residents are employed in traditionally blue-collar jobs; major employers in the city are Teleflex, Walmart and Everyday Battery Company. In 2012, Mitt Romney took 74 percent of the vote in conservative Asheboro, and Republican David Smith has been the city’s mayor since 2009.


5. Burleson, TX – Conservatives are attracted to Burleson’s quality of life; the town is home to good schools, low crime rates, low taxes, a family-friendly environment and high paying jobs. Despite the fact that the city’s mayor came out in favor of marriage equality, Burleson and Johnson County remain very conservative. Burleson has voted Republican for president since 1980. In the 2016 presidential primary, 48 percent of Republicans voted for Ted Cruz, a sign of the town’s dedication to traditional conservative values.


6. Bristol, TN Part of Sullivan County, the town of Bristol is known for its motor speedway, a 160,000-seat short track that hosts NASCAR races. It’s also a town that is true to its East Tennessee roots, as it is historically more conservative than mid-state and larger metropolitan areas on the western end of the state. The Republican presidential candidate carried Bristol in the last four presidential elections. In 2012, more than 70 percent of Sullivan County voters gave the nod to Mitt Romney.


7. Benton, ARBenton gives residents a slice of Americana –low crime, locally owned restaurants, shops lining downtown, and Friday night high school football. This suburb of Little Rock is an example of the conservative wave overtaking Arkansas – more than half of Benton’s registered voters identify as Republicans. Until 2012, the state was one of the most reliably Democratic states in the country. But that year, Barack Obama lost the state to Mitt Romney by 24 points.


8. Slidell, LA You can’t talk about Slidell without mentioning devastating Hurricane Katrina. Since then, however, the city has invested in rebuilding projects that have helped Slidell flourish. While many south Louisiana cities have lost residents through relocation, Slidell continues to grow. Tammany Parish boasts more than 160,000 registered Republicans, and Slidell has become a hub for right-leaning voters and conservative values. In the 2012 presidential election, Mitt Romney carried 75 percent of the votes in Slidell and the surrounding parish.


9. Brandon, MSJust a few miles east of Jackson, Brandon offers residents access to big-city amenities while maintaining its small-town charm and conservative values. In line with other sister towns across the state of Mississippi, Brandon is a conservative stronghold. The city has voted overwhelmingly Republican since the late 1970s. The state’s governor, two senators and the U.S. Representative representing Brandon’s Congressional district are all Republicans.


10. Columbus, NE – Located along the Platte River and county seat of Platte County, Columbus is home to a growing agricultural and manufacturing economy, with many industrial companies attracted by cheap, plentiful hydroelectric power. About 90 miles from both Lincoln and Omaha, Columbus and Platte County have consistently voted for the Republican nominee in every presidential race since 1968.

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