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The Trump Family Could Be America’s Next Presidential Dynasty

We may be witnessing the zenith of Donald Trump’s Presidential bid. Tonight he will accept the Republican Party’s nomination and turn to face Hillary Clinton in a general election campaign that promises to be bruising and riveting. Recent polls indicate that Trump faces an uphill battle to win the White House.

But even if he loses in November, Trump has accomplished something lasting. He has launched a dynasty. His common sense “blue-collar billionaire” brand, which appeals to many Americans weary of politics-as-usual, will be passed to his children, Donald, Jr. and Ivanka, both of whom have played prominent roles in their father’s improbable Presidential run.

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I believe this experience has given Don and Ivanka a passion for politics, and both will run for high office at some point. They are well positioned to pick up their dad’s mantle. Yes, they are rich kids, but rich kids who were raised to work hard; who were taught to deal with people at all levels of society, from construction workers to socialites. Both are excellent speakers and give very thoughtful answers in interviews. Don’s speech to the Republican National Convention was remarkable, especially for a political newcomer. They clearly love their country and want the best for America.

Regardless of the media’s obvious wishes, Donald Trump isn’t going away, even if he loses in the fall. He will be the patriarch of the GOP’s version of the Kennedys, a dynasty that could last for generations. Much as it chaffs them, liberals in and out of the media should get used to hearing “Senator Trump,” Governor Trump,” and, sooner or later, “President Trump.”

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