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Think Twice Before Participating In This Risky Facebook Fad

Sharing your musical memories with the online world may do more than bore your friends – it might put your money and privacy at risk.

The recent Facebook  “10 Concerts” fad could make you vulnerable to hackers, according to cyber-security experts. Here’s what worries them. To participate in “10 Concerts,” users must share nine concerts they really attended. Websites often use “What was your first concert?” as a security question. So, assuming you included your first show on that 10 Concerts list, you have shared crucial information with the world, including cyber thieves.

Seem like a stretch? It is, according to the online security gurus. But, they contend, it’s never a good idea to share anything online that might make it easier to steal your identity. And, of course, we should always be mindful of what we click on –contest, survey, game, et cetera – as even the most seemingly fun and innocent link could download viruses and other nasties onto your computer.

A more likely downside of sharing your concert history is that you’ll get flooded with online ads sent your way based on what the info reveals about you – your age, cultural tastes, location, et cetera.

I shudder to think what ads you’d see if Alice Cooper or Ozzie Osbourne are on your list!

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