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This Florida City Has a Unique Way to Thank Our Heroes

A Florida city has come up with a new way to say, “Thank you for your service.”  Cocoa Beach has established reserved “super hero” parking spaces for use by active duty military personnel, veterans and first responders.

The spaces are currently located at city hall and at local sheriff’s precincts in surrounding Brevard County.  While the city can’t actually enforce use of the spots, officials say the public is leaving them open for the heroes.

I can’t say enough good things about our military and first responders.  Since 9/11, two million young people have raised their hand, put on a uniform, and gone overseas to defend us against terrorism.  Everyday, police officers and firefighters run towards danger to protect you, me and our kids here at home.

So, while I salute Cocoa Beach’s gesture, I’d really love to see us show our gratitude to the troops by getting the Veterans Administration mess cleaned-up so our fighting men and women can get the treatment they deserve; treatment often made necessary by sacrifices they made fighting for us.  Similarly, let’s make sure our police and firefighters are fairly paid and have the gear they need to do the job and get home safe.

That would show real gratitude.

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