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This Graphic Shows The Harmful And Lasting Effects Sitting For Too Long Has On Your Body

I try to be as physically active as possible. At home, this is an easy task since my wife and I are constantly engaging with (and sometimes wrangling) our four boys. But I also try to make the most of my time at work.

When I’m in the office and not sitting in a meeting, you’ll find me walking at my Rebel desk. For those of you new to this latest office trend, this stand-up desk is fitted with a treadmill underneath it. Talk about getting your steps in for the day.

wes rebel desk

As it turns out, this isn’t such a zany idea. New research on sitting, versus standing or walking, points out the many downsides of sitting too much. The short spiel is that prolonged sitting is bad for your body.

Most of us have heard this news, but aren’t as familiar with the specific ways sitting for long stretches of time can be deleterious to our health. From things like organ damage and muscle degeneration to foggy brains and higher mortality risks, the risks and effects are substantial.

This detailed graphic from the Washington Post explains the ins-and-outs of how our bodies respond to sitting for extended periods. Not only that, but the graphic offers solutions. Things like sitting on an exercise ball chair, stretching your hips for three minutes on each side every day, and switching between standing and sitting throughout the day, can make a big impact on our overall health.

Take a look at the risks and healthy suggestions, and consider how much time you spend in a chair each day. The recommendations here may help get you back on your feet.

sitting graphic

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