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An Incredible Job Opportunity May Convince You To Move To This Beautiful Canadian Town

Canada is an awesome country. I love both its scenic wilderness and cosmopolitan cities like Toronto and Montreal. Canadians are warm and friendly. But would you consider permanently relocating to the Great White North? What if someone paid you to make that move?

That’s exactly what’s being offered in the community of Whycocomagh, Nova Scotia. The town’s Farmer’s Daughter Country Market will give two acres of land and a job at the rural market and bakery to people interested in living in their community.

Why would the Market make this kind of offer? Because Whycocomagh is rich in jobs, land, and potential, but low on people.

The Market’s owners (and many locals) fear the simplicity and traditions of their town will be lost to industrial development if the population continues to shrink. And Whycocomagh certainly sounds like a northern Mayberry. Traditions include community dances at the local school every two months, a vibrant co-op for shopping, knowing your neighbor, and folksy community meals and musical jam sessions each week.

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Whycocomagh is surrounded by mountains and the crystalline Bras d’Or lake. Indeed, the area is described as environmentally conscious, and people choose to live simply. The number of kayaks and canoes on the lake outnumber the motorboats.

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The two acres of land offered by the Market are wooded and ready for immediate set-up of “your quaint cabin or tiny house.” You won’t find any McMansions in this village.

The fine print of the deal is that you have to stay five years in order to have the land deeded into your name. During that time, you would have access to farmland and other resources the Market has available, a guaranteed job, and the ability to decide if the Whycocomagh way of life is for you. If both you and the proprietors of the Market agree after the five years that it’s a good fit, then the land is yours.

Since the posting of their ad in August, the Market has lured three families from British Columbia and expects to bring in three to four more in the spring. So if jam sessions, communal meals, and a rich outdoor life sound like your cup of tea, consider getting to work (and play) in Whycocomagh.

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