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This Tiny Trailer Is Perfect For Camping… Just Stay Away From Interstates

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Tiny houses are all the rage.

So is “glamping” – the art of camping with all the comforts of home.

Now a couple of San Francisco area DIYers have combined those fads by building a tiny house on wheels that they plan to take on glamping trips across Northern California.

Among the design flourishes are a red tin roof and Hobbit-house-style rounded doorway.  The door handles are made from scrap raw redwood. (Looks like antler in the pictures, doesn’t it?)

Recycled materials were used extensively on the project.  The house sits on a trailer bed scavenged from a junked camper trailer.  The 10 x 6 structure was built largely from local redwood.  The house is insulated with shredded blue jeans instead of fiberglass, which supposedly can be unhealthy in such small spaces.   The windows came from the same camper that provided the trailer bed.  Total materials cost:  About $1,500.

So, this is very cool.  I love the look, and you can’t beat the price – if you don’t factor in hundreds of hours of labor.  But I’d be a little concerned about towing this thing down the Interstate!  I’d worry about losing the roof at 65 mph!  Or having the house reduced to a pile of splinters by an inattentive tailgater.

If I was in the market for a little camper – four kids rules me out – I’d leave it to the pros, like the guys at Camp-Inn, who make retro “teardrop” campers.  Yes, they cost more than this adorable little DIY project – about $10,000 for a new one.  But the teardrops are actually kinda plush – and expressway-worthy.

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