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This type of alcohol could relieve your hay fever symptoms

Fall hay fever season is looming. If you’re a sufferer, here’s what your survival kit should include; Claritin tablets (10mg), Nasalcrom (5.2mg) and Tanqueray gin (1 liter).

OK, that last one is optional. But if you imbibe and are prone to seasonal sneeziness and wheeziness, drinking clear alcohol is the right choice. That’s not mixology. That’s science.

Most alcoholic beverages worsen allergy symptoms. In a recent survey of British asthma sufferers, 64% of respondents said drinking intensified their symptoms. And with good reason. Darker fermented drinks, including beer and red wine contain histamines and sulfites, both of which can trigger sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes, this intensifying an allergy attack.

Clear spirits, including gin and vodka, typically have low histamine levels and no sulfites. If only wine will do, ask your sommelier about low-histamine vintages.

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