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This Innovative Umbrella Will Change Your Rainy Days Forever

We live in an age of digital miracles that are constantly making life easier.

But not every life-changing innovation involves computers, apps or smartphones.

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By way of example, I give you the Kazbrella, an update on the humble but indispensable umbrella. The heart of this makeover is very simple. A Kazbrella opens and closes “inside out” compared to traditional umbrellas. This means the top or outside of the Bumbershoot is on the inside when it’s closed. That keeps water from dripping on you or the floor, makes it easier to open/close when getting in/out of cars, and makes it less vulnerable to gusting winds.

The Kazbrella, which was invented by a Cyprus-born tinkerer with a degree in aeronautical engineering, will go on sale this fall exclusively through the website for $60. If you can’t wait, or find that price too steep, there is at least one option. The “Up-brella,” another inside-out umbrella, goes for $19.99.

I love this story. It shows the power of innovation; how nothing in the marketplace is ever perfect. There is always room for improvement. Those who can see that need and fill it often profit mightily. Remember, the iPod wasn’t the first digital music device — just the best.

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