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Tired Of Golf Carts? Meet The Golfboard

Remember when your mom used to warn you, “It’s all fun and games til someone gets hurt?” That’s exactly what came to mind when I watched this video about the latest piece of golf gear.

The GolfBoard is a hoverboard designed to zip individual golfers around the course in a “fun and easy way.” Golfers stand on the board and steer by leaning left or right, as you would on a skateboard or surfboard. There’s a post to grab onto that doubles as a bag holder. Top speed is 10 mph.

The GolfBoard is the brainchild of two world-class athletes, legendary surfer Laird Hamilton and 76-year-old workout guru Don Wildman. Now, I’m sure those guys and their golf buddies would have no problem zipping to and fro on their invention, but I wonder about the rest of us! I suspect it takes some time and stumbles to figure out how to efficiently operate this thing. I can’t see my crew gliding across the green as effortlessly as the folks in this video.

While the GolfBoard claims to provide a good core workout, riding it certainly reduces the health benefits of walking the course.

The GolfBoard is currently available for rent at about 200 courses around the world. The company’s website touts the gizmo to course owners as a way to boost revenue. GolfBoard promises to speed play, reduce wear and tear on the course, and appeal to young golfers.

I doubt the GolfBoard will ever fully replace the golf cart. As one commenter on the video noted, any vehicle that can’t carry a case of beer has limited value on a golf course.

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