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[VIDEO] Donald Trump Interviews Over 40 Years Demonstrate His Unwavering Political Beliefs

Donald Trump has never shied away from sharing his political beliefs. Now as he closes in on this year’s presidential election, someone has gone back and pulled together all the interview clips from when Donald Trump went in front of the American public to discuss what policies he believed we needed to change in America to make this a better country. Starting in 1980, we can watch Trump sharing his interest in being a public servant.

It’s amazing to watch as a young Donald Trump is interviewed by Oprah Winfrey in 1987 and asked if he has any interest in running for President. While he wasn’t interested at the time, he did say that if he ran he thought he would win. Here he is, years and years later, and he might just be months away from making that a true statement.

Trump has been a staple in America’s media for over 40 years, and it’s amazing to watch this video and see how his political beliefs today still agree with what he said all those years ago. As a business man, he’s had his hand on the pulse of foreign policies and America’s economy. He has always believed he could leverage that knowledge in a way most career politicians simply can’t relate.

While the media at large continues to paint Donald Trump in a negative light, it’ll be interesting to see how the American public receive him. Will they buy into the horror stories that the media feeds them, or will Trump pull together the taxi drivers and the workers who have always liked him to win the vote for office as America’s next President? If he does win the election, it’ll be satisfying to watch as he finally makes the political changes he’s talked about for so long now.

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