Two Sisters Learn The Gender Of A Sibling On The Way But Things Didn’t Go As Their Parents Planned

These expecting parents planned a sweet gender reveal to their two daughters. The cupcakes they got from a bakery were made to contain either pink or blue icing which would tell the young girls whether they would have a new brother or sister on the way.

“I really don’t want to open mine!” says the youngest sister on the left after her big sister discovered the blue icing.

When her mom asks her if she’s excited, the younger one pouts, “I’m not,”. She later breaks down into tears when she discovers her own blue icing, noting that it isn’t fair: she wanted a girl!

Later, once she finally opens her cupcake and sees the blue icing she breaks down into tears, “I wanted pink!”

Awww! We know she’ll love her little brother when he arrives. But for now, at least she got a cupcake to go with that disappointment.

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