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Apple Is Urging People To Install The Latest iPhone Update Because Of This Scary Reason

Is your iPhone spying on you?

Probably not, but unless you’ve updated to the latest operating software, someone might be using your beloved device to track your every movement and digital action.

Apple just updated its mobile operating system to version 9.3.5 after learning that a flaw in the previous version was allowing some foreign government use the device as a surveillance tool. This was accomplished by downloading a piece of spyware called Pegasus that tracked the phone user’s movements, logged messages and downloaded personal data.

There are a couple of good lessons here. First, don’t kid yourself — contrary to popular perception, iPhones are as vulnerable to cyber attack as any computer or non-Apple smartphone. That said, Apple is much better than Android about regularly updating its operating system. Second, this is a great reminder to always (and promptly) upgrade to the latest operating system.

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Yes, I’m glaring at you! Stop telling your computer to remind you to update tomorrow. Just hit “install” and be done with it. You’ll sleep better knowing that neither the Russians nor that weird teenager down the street are rummaging around in your phone or computer.

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