[VIDEO] Watch Vietnam Veteran Friends Reunite After 46 Years

Here’s a perfect veteran story to cap Memorial Day.

The power of social media and one determined daughter have reunited two Vietnam battle buddies.

Pete Peterson, from Utah, and Stretch McMullen, a West Virginian, became fast friends while serving in the Army in Vietnam. The two 19-year-old represented their bond by wearing matching white tank t-shirts. This, as Peterson laughing notes, was not the smartest idea in a combat zone.  In 1971, McMullen was wounded while on patrol (No word on whether he was wearing the white t-shirt!) and thus the two friends were separated and eventually lost contact.

Last year, Peterson told his daughter Krista about his deep desire to see Stretch and said, “If I knew where he lived, I’d get in my car and drive there right now.” Krista decided in that moment she had to find Stretch McMullen. So, she did what any 21st century sleuth would do – she set up a Facebook page promoting her search and loaded it with photos of McMullen and what little info she had about him.

The strategy worked. Peterson and McMullen recently met in person. They went through wartime scrapbooks, updated each other on the past 46 years, and vowed never again to lose touch.

And, yes, they did indeed don their white tank tops. Check out the video from their reunion, courtesy of the Today Show.

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