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Walmart Will Add Auto Sales To Its Roster Of Services This Year

Walmart is a wonder of modern retailing. You can find just about anything you need at megastore. If you need to stock your pantry, update your bedroom, and replace your tires, Walmart is your one-stop shop. And now, Walmart is upping its game. This year, the big-box Behemoth will start selling something you may have never expected – cars.

Following the lead of Costco, Amazon, and even Walmart’s own Sam’s Club, the retailer will add auto sales to its roster of services sometime in April by partnering with auto-buying program CarSaver to begin offering consumers new and used cars.

Walmart’s roll out of their new auto program will start at 25 of its big-box stores, including locations in Houston, Dallas, Phoenix and Oklahoma City. The program features CarSaver’s online auto retail platform, which allows shoppers to choose, finance and insure vehicles through the company’s website, a touch-screen kiosk, or by calling an 800 number. But not everything will be handled online or over the phone. As part of the partnership, CarSaver employees will be deployed to Walmart stores to assist customers.

Last year, Walmart tested this car-buying model at one of its stores in Florida. The program was wildly successful. According to the company, 80% of appointments set by Walmart customers resulted in a sale that gave buyers savings of over $3,000 on average.

So, the next time your shopping list includes diapers, milk, cigarettes and a new set of wheels, head on over to Walmart. They’ve got you covered.

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