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Watch Out For The “Missed Delivery” E-mail Scam This Holiday Season

So, there you are, scrolling through your email when you come across one saying you’ve missed a delivery. The message is from UPS. Or FedEx. Or Amazon and says you need to take immediate action to ensure another delivery attempt. Even though you don’t remember ordering anything lately, your finger hovers over the mouse, ready to “take action.”

Don’t to it. To quote Admiral Akbar of Star Wars fame, “It’s a trap!”

The “missed delivery” scam has exploded in recent years, an unfortunate side effect of the growth in online shopping.  Scammers send you the notice hoping you will provide vital personal information, pay a bogus fee, or download malware by clicking on a link in the message.

The Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau have been following this scam for a few years now. The FTC says a message is probably phony if it:

  • Urges you to take immediate action
  • Tells you to click a link or download something
  • Asks for personal or financial information
  • Doesn’t show the official website of the sender, like, when you hover over the logo.

This scam is really rampant. Many of my friends and colleagues have received one or more such messages. So, be careful out there in cyberland. This time of year is crazy enough without you getting scammed out of money or your identity.

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